How better customer experience can support stressed caregivers

With easier and more accessible customer experiences, brands can offset the stress of modern motherhood, says Ipsos’ Sarah Morrow.

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  • Sarah Morrow Director US Customer Experience
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While women continue to drive for equality in the work world, moms shoulder a disproportionate amount of household tasks, like shopping.

Some problems for moms that complicate shopping are non-standard work schedules, parental stress and a lack of helping hands. Retailers are overlooking this important customer when collecting customer feedback. By prioritizing busy caregivers, retailers can get a better return on their customer experience investment (ROCXI), says Sarah Morrow, a director in Ipsos’ Customer Experience practice.

“Women have unique and evolving needs when shopping, so creating distraction-free and accessible shopping is increasingly important.”

Focusing on what matters most to caregivers can build customer loyalty

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The author(s)
  • Sarah Morrow Director US Customer Experience