We d̶o̶n̶'̶t need to talk about ads

Why only some advertising gets talked about on social media and becomes famous

we deont need coverEvidence suggests that advertising that gets talked about has the potential to deliver unpaid or earned reach, and therefore more efficiency for marketers.

In this paper, we highlight the types of responses effective creative need to evoke to be talked about online. Using data from our social intelligence platform, Synthesio, we examine the relationship between the volume of mentions for a diverse range of online video ads, as well as the creative responses they achieved in our creative evaluation solution, Creative|Spark.

Based on our analysis, we identify four key traits that represent the types of ads that attract comments, which in turn are linked to earned media effects:

1.    Cultural impact: reflect the world around us beyond the brand itself
2.    Creative bravery: surprise people by delivering unique and divergent creative
3.    Positive feelings: make people feel good about the experience
4.    Controversy: don’t be afraid if some people hate your ad

To illustrate these four traits in action, we share some of the best examples from recent campaigns, discussing why they were talked about at significantly high levels and became famous.

"Ads generate conversation online when they reflect the broader world and culture around them, rather than just their products."