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Data Collection

Our teams have extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research utilizing online, mobile, CATI, CAPI or mixed-mode surveys. We have expertise in face-to-face, telephone and central location interviewing (CLT).

The combination of Ipsos’ unparalleled data collection assets and our teams’ expertise means we can deliver the most appropriate methodology for every project.

Our quality standards are based on innovative solutions, rigorous processes and professional research operations teams. To execute surveys of varying levels of complexity and speed, Ipsos uses powerful tools to guarantee efficiency, speed, respondent engagement, wide coverage and competitiveness.

We are experts in the conduct of Social Research including sensitive topics, vulnerable groups, indigenous studies and health.

No one is better placed to help you with your next research project, whether it’s a small ad hoc study or a complex long-term tracking project.


Ipsos has the capabilities needed to conduct online and mobile research anywhere in the world where internet or smartphone penetration and usage allow it.

Whether it’s research design, questionnaire programming, sampling, translations or online reporting, Ipsos provides the highest quality online research services available.

  • Access to 100+ markets
  • Ampario® Ipsos Real Time Samples increase our capacity and representativity especially with targets which would normally not be part of a panel.
  • Ipsos owned and managed panels in Australia and 59 other markets
  • Strong Research-on-Research program with statisticians and methodologists providing operational insights on the best way to run Online & Mobile research.
  • Sample quality commitment for real, engaged, fresh and unique respondents
  • On-shore hosting if required

Fast results. Cost effectives. Quality assured.

Telephone (CATI)

Every year, we conduct over 200,000 hours of telephone interviewing across Australia. With a resource pool of over 150 ISO 20252 trained interviewers and an effectively unlimited number of CATI stations available using our Work-From-Home technology. No one is better placed to help you with your next research project, whether it’s a small ad hoc study or a complex long-term tracking project.

  • Access to a pool of over 150 ISO 20252 trained interviewers
  • Effectively unlimited number of CATI stations available with our Work-From-Home technology all managed by a dedicated team of experienced supervisors and team leaders
  • Inbound, outbound and International calling capacity
  • Ability to interview in languages other than English (LOTE)
  • Real-time monitoring of interviews available in house or remotely
  • Fully customised data collection platform with multi-mode capabilities (SPSS Dimensions)
  • Response rate maximization via computer controlled call algorithms and Interviewer training
  • Auto-dialler capability for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Specialist teams for social research, business to business interviewing, financial, health and consumer projects
  • Dual-frame sampling


We offer full-service fieldwork with 300+ field staff recruited and trained to ISO 20252 standards. We operate Australia-wide with capacity within regional and remote areas. Our expertise provides our clients with confidence to ensure fast, efficient quality data capture.

We conduct thorough and intense recruitment and training of our field staff prior to commencing any field project. We have a highly experienced field management team to ensure our clients’ project requirements are fulfilled.

Our range of field services includes:

  •  Door to door
  • Specialist Indigenous team
  • Mystery shopping
  • Central Location Testing
  • Intercepts (Shopping centres, Street, in-store etc)
  • Observational/Audits
  • Mobile and CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
  • Contactless interviewing protocols during COVID-19
  • Transport and infrastructure research