What worries Denmark?

Monthly insight into the most pressing reported concerns of Danish citizens.

What keeps Danes up at night? Ipsos’ What Worries Denmark survey diagnoses the biggest social and political problems by asking citizens their opinion on the most worrying issues in the nation. It provides a snapshot of the national mood and serves as a tracker that identifies short or long-term shifts in public feeling.

Globally, Ipsos has ran it’s ‘What Worries the World’ tracking study for over a decade in 28 different markets around the world. By initiating a Danish tracking study from January 2020, we can now see what keeps Danes up at night and how this changes over the months and years, as well as how these worries compare to what other countries are worrying about around the globe.

What Worries Denmark will be updated every month with the most pressing reported concerns of Danish citizens. 



The Biggest Worries chart refers to an individual’s perception on what the largest/most top-of-mind challenge Denmark is dealing with today, whereas the Total Worries chart encompasses the biggest worries and the respondents’ other worries combined.