Life in Sydney

Ipsos Public Affairs and the Committee for Sydney share results from their co-designed Life in Sydney annual survey presented at the Sydney Summit.

The Life in Sydney survey is an annual survey created by Ipsos Public Affairs in partnership with the Committee for Sydney asking Sydneysiders. It sets the scene on the big issues facing Sydney at the start of each year.

Below you can find the 2022 and 2021 Life in Sydney reports proudly co-created by Ipsos Public Affairs and the Committee for Sydney as well as a summary of the most recent report.

2022 Life in Sydney summary

An optimistic community outlook on 2022 is setting a positive context in Sydney for key reforms addressing Committee for Sydney’s 2022 agenda.

The January 2022 results of Life in Sydney continue to show some encouragingly high levels of community satisfaction with quality of life. Despite the recent Omicron variant of Covid-19 outbreak aligning with the long-awaited end of year break, 3 in 4 Sydneysiders (74%) remain satisfied with their life in Sydney.

Housing affordability and cost of living in Sydney are the two key concerns for Sydneysiders at present.

The report drills down to provide insights on community sentiment and compares Sydney results to other major cities that is New York, London and Toronto. It also reviews public opinion on key areas the Committee for Sydney intends to address in 2022 such a Covid-19 recovery strategy, cost of living, housing, and electric vehicles.

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