Ipsos Veracity Index 2022

Who do we trust to tell the truth in 2022? Results of Ipsos (Ireland) Veracity Index 2002 published today. Public trust in healthcare professionals continues to rate highest, while trust levels generally improve overall, including our trust in each other.

Who do we trust to tell the truth? The Ipsos Veracity Index is the longest-running poll on trust in professions in Ireland, first measured in 2005. The 2022 edition, conducted via nationally representative telephone survey against the continuing backdrop of the pandemic, tracked the latest movements in public trust in key professions.


Ipsos Veracity Index 2022


Selected highlights for 2022 include;

  • Healthcare professionals again occupy the top 3 positions with almost universal trust levels.
  • Trust in Gardai falls 6 points but remains strong at 77%.
  • Trust in Bankers increases 9 points to 43%.
  • Authority figures and policy makers see improvements since 2021, though Government Ministers (36%) and Politicians (27%) remain less trusted to tell the truth.
  • Teachers (89%), Civil Servants (70%) and the Clergy (56%) all show consistent trust scores.
  • Trust in our fellow citizen continues to rise, up 7 points to 65%.
  • Advertising executives (24%) and social media influencers (10%) receive the lowest trust scores.

Tarik Laher, Director at Ipsos said;

“As we emerge with trepidation from the COVID pandemic, the Irish public continue to trust our doctors, nurses and pharmacists the most when it comes to telling us the truth, as they once again top the Ipsos Veracity Index. Overall, we are becoming more trusting as a nation, with many of the professions measured improving their trust scores against last year, including trust in our fellow citizen which is up 7 points to 65%.
However, despite some gains, there is work to do for professions like Bankers, Estate Agents and those in Advertising and Social Media to improve their trust levels. Furthermore, trust in political figures shows some increases but remain low overall.”

Full results are available in the graphic below, available for download.

Technical note:
Ipsos interviewed a representative quota sample of 709 adults aged 16+ by telephone between 3rd-30th March 2022. Data is weighted to match the profile of the population.

Tarik Laher (Director, Ipsos)
[email protected]


To see the list of the professions, you can download the PDF version of the chart below.