Ipsos Update - March 2022

Opinion polling, the year ahead in Brazil, gender inequality in Japan, and the future of ageing are all featured topics in this month’s round-up of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world.

This month’s contents:

Opinion Polls | A continual improvement process

This Ipsos Views paper responds to the question: can we trust the polls? It explains the practice of political opinion polling across different countries and contexts to enable the reader to answer this question for themselves.
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Closing The Consumer Consciousness Gap | Put people at the heart of your decisions

Consumer needs, wants, expectations, and preferences are changing rapidly. Markets are also fragmenting. To stay competitive, companies need to understand their customers better and faster.

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Brazil Flair 2022 | Gaps and Bridges

As we finally move into a year where Covid-19 is not the dominating concern, our state-of-the-nation report explores the issues arising in its wake and examines which will prove most important in Brazil’s election year.

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The Devil You Know | Gender inequality in Japan

An advanced society in so many ways, Japan lags far behind others on gender equality. This report explains why Japanese society continues to uphold values and practices that no longer suit the realities of the country.

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What Worries The World | Explore the big issues facing countries today

The top five global concerns remain unchanged, with Covid-19 still top. Concern about inflation continues to rise worldwide, overtaking concern about healthcare to become the sixth largest concern. Discover the latest and longer-term trends.

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The Future of Ageing | One thing is certain about ageing: we'll all do it

In the future, we may age more slowly and for longer. How will the world change to enable these longer lives? This report explores the tensions that longer life will create in relation to finance, housing, public policy, healthcare, science and technology.

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Valentine's Day 2022 | Love (and business) unlimited

A majority of adults in romantic relationships told us they planned to do something special with their loved one this Valentine’s Day. We present survey findings on the most popular plans and relationship satisfaction worldwide.

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Marketing During Ramadan | The impact of interconnected communities

Traditional community activities surrounding the Holy Month have been reinvented in the past two years as people adjust their social interactions to adhere to a post-pandemic world. We explore the opportunities that the rise in digital communities presents for marketers.   
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Also read about public attitudes to plastic packaging, Super Bowl advertising, and our webinar on health, wellness, and more.

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