Effie Awards: Highlighting the Combination of Creativity and Business; Ipsos Definition of Advertising Effectiveness

9 November 2017

Effie Awards: Highlighting the Combination of Creativity and Business; Ipsos Definition of Advertising Effectiveness

November 9, 2017, Effie Awarding Ceremony was launched in Shanghai. Over the past year, various industry platforms, integrated marketing, digital marketing, scene marketing, as well as smart marketing cases, practical experience, and system theory have arisen heated discussion, and there is no lack of outstanding cases of dissemination achievements made by of information platforms and steaming media.

However, whatever way, channel or media one would like to use, marketing communication will eventually return to a starting point, namely, to meet clients’ demand. The perfect combination of creativity and business will generate effect. With the theme “A Brief History of Effectiveness: A Perfect Combination of Creativity and Business”, Effie Effectiveness Forum probed into the impact of advertising effectiveness with industry insiders. Ipsos, the only third-party research partner of Effie Awards, was invited to the event, when Zonghua Zhang, General Manager of Ipsos invested company Q-Computing, made a keynote speech entitled “Respect Creativity and Stress Effectiveness in the Era of Digital Media” to discuss with attendees on the right concept of advertising effectiveness and ways for proper evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

The actual effect of advertising is considered by more and more people as timeliness, with click-through rates, followers, conversion rates, clicks, forwards, and other ROIs as its testing criteria. However, Zhang Zonghua pointed out that timeliness did not mean effectiveness, as it takes time for consumers to know a brand, recognize it and ultimately buy its product. It is not necessarily instant, but a long-term process. Excellent creative advertising can make a deeper impression on consumers and influence their purchase decisions for a long time that follows.

The effectiveness of digital marketing activities needs to be measured from three aspects, that is, cognition, recognition, and purchase. To this end, Ipsos, Q-Computing, joined hands with China Telecom, CUP and Baidu, all being the most outstanding big data providers in the industry, and together set up an effectiveness evaluation platform for digital marketing activities, ShuMeiTong, to present objective and accurate data on the effectiveness of events.

Effie Awards stresses advertising effectiveness, and Ipsos also focuses on the effect of advertising to brand owners. In the future, we will work with Effie Awards to release more latest information on advertising industry, and jointly promote advertising effectiveness in China. Please stay tuned.