Training & Development

Since 2005 and according to the characteristics of Ipsos in GC’s employees, new training programs have been established and are divided into six distinct categories: namely training in the research of professional product lines, basic skills, project process management, management skills, qualification, and E-learning. Meanwhile, the Ipsos HR department arranges overseas training courses every year for employees belonging to mid management levels and above. This helps them to broaden their horizons, as well as helping them to learn and understand research methods and ideas in different countries.

In 2009, Ipsos introduced the "Wolves Plan" a program which is committed to the improvement of Ipsos employees’ career management, as well as the awareness and execution of team or sub-team leaders in the planning of an employee’s career. By taking the six Ipsos training modules and the career development of employees as its basis, the "Wolves Plan" provides a number of targeted training and career development programs.

The development of employees is Ipsos’ career!

Training and development is the core of the "Wolves Plan", with the aim of:

  • Supporting the implementation of the company's strategy through personnel training and management.
  • Establishing different training programs and strategies for employees of different levels and improving the ability of employees in research, client communication, and presentation skills along with team management and professionalism.
  • Expanding employees' thinking models, providing multi-directional communication channels, strengthening the dialogue between employees and management, as well as helping employees to understand the different thinking models in different contexts.

In addition to local and country based training, Ipsos provides centralised training. Ipsos is proud of the participation level of its people in the various programmes of its online campus, Ipsos Training Center (ITC). The ITC Mission is to provide high quality and up to date training solutions that contribute to all Ipsos employees and key Ipsos clients´ personal and organisational growth and development.