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Welcome to the "Recruitment" section of Ipsos in Greater China!  You can view all information and posts regarding Greater China here as well as apply for any jobs you are interested in.

Joining Ipsos means developing your career in the very top tier of research. With 18,000 people employed in 90 markets, we are one of the largest and best known research companies.

As a curious and intuitive individual, an enthusiastic professional with a passion for creating knowledge, at Ipsos you will be fully dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.

How to search for an opening/post.

You can search our available openings by visiting Ipsos China's official recruiting website.

Talent Strategy

► What is Ipsos’ goal?

To become an industry leader, the top choice for clients and research professionals

► Are you an “Ipsos-er”?

Do you love market research, are you proactive and do you have a good sense of responsibility?

► Why should you join Ipsos?

To have the opportunity to work together with a World Top 500 listed company, to have the ability to accurately express clients voices, predict future development, assist clients in optimizing decision-making processes, as well as enjoying life.

► What is Ipsos's positioning of talents?

Your development is our career! Fostering excellence in research talents!

Your growth is our business!

For market researchers who have a passion for establishing their skills and who want to grow with an industry leader, Ipsos is a firm that provides opportunities globally. We offer both specialist and generalist career opportunities; furthermore we are one of the industry’s fastest growing and most financially successful firms, operating under clearly-defined client and ethical commitments. Unlike our main global competitors, Ipsos is proud to still be owned and operated by researchers.

We are committed to the policy of equal treatment of all employees and applicants. We will not tolerate discrimination by treating any individual less favorably than others on grounds of gender, color, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, disability, membership or non-membership of a trade union or other association.

Together, we make Ipsos a research leader to understand the world. Welcome to Ipsos!

Work & Life

In 2009, Ipsos launched the "Phoenix Nest “program with the idea of "Building good nests to attract the phoenix". We have always been convinced that talents are where our cause lies. Through the unremitting implementation of the "Phoenix Nest" program, we hope to build Ipsos into a "phoenix nest" that can attract talents, and retain them, so to not only improve the cohesiveness and competitiveness of the Group, but to also improve employee satisfaction, and assist the company in the completion of its five-year plan. The "Phoenix Nest" will provide more support to staff, reduce their pressure out of work and help them realize a better balance between work and life.

Flexible working hours: We provide you with unique working arrangements that are both flexible and employee-friendly, thereby enabling you to deal with personal problems in appropriate circumstances. If you are looking for a humane workplace, Ipsos will be a good choice for you.

All-round employee care plan

A variety of employee guarantee programs, such as supplementary health insurance, health checks, travel plans, and insurance plans.
Fitness plans: we provide gym membership cards, organize badminton games, build an Ipsos Football Team, etc...
Extend regards to employees: on birthdays, traditional festivals, weddings or on the birth of new babies.
Team activities: regular team building activities, mid-year traveling to Ipsos branches, and end of year carnivals.

Employee career management program

Improve the awareness and execution of the company’s management through the employee career planning program.
Provide employees with opportunities to work in different departments, positions, or even other companies within the Group.
Help new employees to clarify their work during their probationary period and determine goals to be achieved in this period through appointment interviews.
Strengthen the career management of new employees and help employees to complete yearly self-performance assessments both at the end of their probationary periods and at the end of the year.