Ipsos, China Telecom, and Q-Computing Joined Hands Together!

16 October 2017

Ipsos, China Telecom, and Q-Computing Joined Hands Together!

On October 16, 2017, Ipsos, China Telecom, and Q-Computing Information Technology joined hands to develop digital marketing tools and lay their focus on data artificial intelligence solutions.

Lifeng Liu, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China, Xinggang Wang, Deputy General Manager of Cloud Computing Branch of China Telecom., Zonghua Zhang, General Manager of Beijing Q-Computing Information Technology Co., Ltd., as well as executives and media, witnessed the
cooperation together. This time, the three parties learned from each other’s advanced technology, and relying on long-term management of data marketing and intelligent
decision-making, explored the laws and trends of the market.

Lifeng said he hoped to take this opportunity to discuss on how to change market research and how to make use of big data and behavioral data to provide customers with better insights. He looked forward to working with clients, university research institutes and new technology startups to help clients make quick and accurate decisions in the O2O era and a time of sharing economy, e-commerce and digital marketing.

In marketing, research tools are changing, so are users and the market. Zonghua Zhang pointed out that tools should be used at this time to meet people’s demand and keep up with changes in the market. More and more data will be available in the future, and cooperation across data sources will become an important trend. It is fine weather for data-driven operation and everyone should be well prepared for the future.

Zhicai Ye, Vice President and Secretary General of Chinese Association of Market Information and Research, Hao Shen, President of China Marketing Research Association, Yingwei Li, Manager of COFCO Big Data Business Management Center, Ming Ni, General Manager of CUP
Data Consulting and Analysis Division, Shengwen Yang, Chairman of Baidu Big Data Technical Committee, and Chengzhi Ge, Dean of IQIYI Big Data Research Institute attended the signing ceremony and expressed their wishes for future exchange and cooperation in data.

With this event as a starting point, Ipsos, China Telecom and Q-Computing will jointly explore data science innovations, develop all-field integrated marketing solutions, engage themselves in business intelligence, and push the data science industry chain to a new stage.