Ipsos Ideas (2017.07)

Issue 152 - July Issue

Ipsos Ideas (2017.07)


Reputation, Resiliency, and Results:

Using Trust to Unlock the Value of Reputation

The Ipsos Global Reputation Centre recently undertook a massive online study2 of the reputation of more than 100 of the world’s largest companies; to examine the factors that contribute to reputational success and resiliency in the face of crisis.

Point of View

Reality Check

Driving Growth, by Understanding the Reality of How People Choose Brands

The pace of technological and social change is bewilderingly fast. In the world of brand and communications, we feel this particularly keenly, with the digital revolution transforming the way that brands seek to connect with people.

The Age of the Algorithm

We are demanding more and more from our respondents at a time when many are becoming less willing to participate in long or boring surveys. Employing statistical techniques allows us to collect less data from individuals and to tolerate less precision in their answers.