Understanding Influenza (Flu) & Vaccination Perception Amongst the Older Persons Aged Above 65 & Adults with Medical Condition(s)

This research project focuses on specific target groups, including older persons aged above 65 and adults with at least one medical condition.


The objectives of the study include understanding the preventive measures taken against infectious diseases, measuring the level of awareness and perception towards influenza, examining the perception and stigma around vaccination in general, assessing the awareness and uptake of vaccination in general, understanding the perception and uptake of influenza vaccination, measuring the willingness for annual influenza vaccination, exploring the motivation and barriers to influenza vaccination, including acceptance towards medical professionals' recommendations, and examining the sources of news and information related to influenza vaccination.

This research project aims to gain valuable insights into the awareness, perception, and uptake of influenza vaccination amongst the target groups. These insights will contribute significantly to the development of policy recommendations for influenza vaccination, focusing particularly on the elderly population. Additionally, this research project also serves as an important engagement tool for external stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, the Malaysian Influenza Working Group (MIWG), and the media.