#2020WiTF? – Ipsos Australia’s review of the year

Our Ipsos ANZ-centric review of 2020.

A lot of us were thinking that this year was going to be a lot worse than it was, certainly challenging from a professional and personal perspective in a myriad of ways. But also, hopefully, fulfilling too in the lessons we’ve all learnt. Most businesses and professionals can look to 2021 with a strong sense of optimism.

We believe there are four key themes that dominated business in 2020 and are likely to spill over in 2021.

Geopolitical tensions - particularly as we reset our relationship with China. The digital pivot – and how we understand, serve and engage with consumers and citizens online. Growing in the face of the Covid challenge – how do brands and organisations cut through and capitalise on the disruption caused by the health crisis, and climate.

Here’s our 4 minute review of 2020, which sets the scene for 2021.