Ipsos Duel, a DIY solution for fast, agile and intuitive screening of simple marketing stimuli.


DUEL is powered by the Ipsos proprietary approach to decision making - capturing explicit preference, unconscious passion and conviction. Grounded in Behavioural Science, it features a uniquely intuitive design that mirrors how people make choices. DUEL takes consumers away from scaled responses, directly pitting items against each other in a series of contests that are fast and intuitive.

  • Gamified experience for the respondent
  • Respondents make actual and realistic choices
  • Greater discrimination between stimuli makes decisions easier
  • 3 key performance indicators; Performance, Punch & Promise

Over 45,000 stimuli in 4 categories tested to date.

Claims Testing

DUEL Claims Testing
Screening claims, attributes or short statements.

Varieties Testing

DUEL Varieties Testing
Screening flavours, fragrances or varieties.

Names Testing

DUEL Names Testing
Screening brand names or descriptors.

Visuals Testing

DUEL Visuals Testing
Screening visuals, icons or logos.

"I love this methodology as it doesn't just indicate top ideas but also how powerful they are. I especially liked how they provided an idea of how the most popular and powerful claims could be communicated on packaging"
Market Research Manager


DUEL - a solution that mimics how people, live, decide and purchase.

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