The Map to Brand Growth

Whether it’s the I'm Lovin' It jingle or the Golden Arches that make you think of McDonald's they are both examples of salience, and salience sells.

Brand Mental Networks are a deceptively simple tool. They reveal an organic image of which associations are strongest amongst consumers for your brand. It is the strength of these associations that can make the difference between your consumers reaching for their purse every time they hear a familiar jingle, or failing to recognise your brand all together. Salient associations can drive brand growth and loyalty.

But, the power of Brand Mental Networks isn’t just limited to the confines of your brand. In comparing your salient associations with those of your competitors it is possible to identify your distinctive associations and the areas which are ideal for expansion and targeting. Brand Mental Networks can also distinguish category generics from your brands distinctive position in the minds of your consumers. Meaning we can identify the mental shortcuts that will trigger your brand, and only your brand, in the moments that matter.

Key Questions Addressed by Brand Mental Networks:

Brand positioning: What should I reinforce, refresh or change to build salience?

  • Does my brand have a strong mental network? Is it consistent with the strategic direction of the brand or do I need to course correct?
  • Is it distinctive from the competition? If not how can I change the brand mental network to make it more distinctive

Communication: How can I use my communication to affect this change?

  • Does my communication or at least elements of it come through in the brand mental network?
  • Are there any personal associations to people, places, memories or traditions that matter to people and could be illustrated through or reinforced by communication?

Distinctive Assets: Do any come through in the Brand Mental Network?

  • Which of my assets should I use in packaging or POS or communications to most strongly attract attention to the brand at these touchpoints?