[COP27] Bringing citizens along: the inclusive pathway to net-zero

Ipsos | Global Science Partnership | Event | COP27


Join Ipsos and the other members of the Global Science Partnership on Thursday 10 November 2:30pm GMT | 4:30pm EET for our Bringing citizens along: The inclusive pathway to net zero event at COP27.

This event focuses on engaging the public in initiatives to reach net zero, why this is important (the public benefit), and why it is valuable (improved outcomes).

Join us to discover how we can:

  • Raise awareness and engage researchers, policymakers and civil society in climate resilient and emissions policy outcomes
  • Scale the methodology across different countries for future global science projects
  • Promote international collaboration and partnerships through policy, research and engagement, creating more inclusive policy

Watch the livestream
10/11 - 2:30pm GMT

About the Global Science Partnership

The Global Science Partnership brings together academic and research communities, policymakers, civil society, and the public’s perspectives together as actors in the ‘whole system’ to develop and pilot an innovative methodology to spark effective and more inclusive in-person climate action.

The Partnership aims for the methodology to be scalable and adaptable for future organisations and nations to apply themselves, creating a legacy of more impactful engagement in climate policymaking. We are currently running pilot projects to test and develop this methodology in Kenya, Colombia and the Seychelles.

Find out more about the Partnership and how we're involved here.