Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science at Ipsos is the use of psychology to help both public sector and brands meet their goals. The theories and methods from psychology work alongside MR techniques to understand and predict behaviour, generating total customer understanding.

What for?

Much market research is based on the principle that consumers are able to self-report on the factors that determine their behaviour, such as attitudes, motivations, knowledge and desires.  Understanding the customer’s own point of view is therefore critical to predicting behaviour.  Behavioural Science builds on this by identifying and measuring the non-conscious factors that also drive behaviour.  Our position is that both are important for understanding consumer behaviour.

How it works?

There are a wide variety of ways in which we practice behavioural science at Ipsos, all of which are based on generating value for our clients. There are a number of specific activities we offer:

  • We provide our clients straightforward guidance on how to make behavioural science an integral part of their research activities.  We provide simple and straightforward advice and support.
  • We have a range of behavioural science informed tools and solutions that can operate at scale across the globe
  • We are experts at optimizing market research designs and methodologies using behavioural science
  • We offer a range of consulting and education activities

Why our solution is unique

We are leaders in offering applied behaviour science in a way that supports the needs of a wide range of businesses and governmental organisations – both domestically and globally.  What makes our offering unique is:

  • Our focus on driving growth and profitability:  we are all about using behavioural science to meet your business objectives, not just academic plaudits
  • Our scale:  Our behavioural science solutions are designed to be used globally rather than being dependant on a small number of individuals to deliver
  • Our ability to integrate:  Market research is made more comprehensive and effective when integrated with behavioural science.  We are experts on creating integrated solutions that provide a total customer understanding