How to Avoid an #EpicFail

For brands to better leverage the increasingly connected world of social media, we’ve created a safe environment to test out ideas, concepts and campaigns. Welcome to Ipsos Digital Communities.

In the world as we currently know it, the consumer voice is louder and more influential than ever before. Social media allows consumers to connect instantly and frequently, sharing anything and everything with each other by just a few simple taps on a screen. Whether it’s reviewing products or sharing experiences, the online consumer voice can make or break a brand in an instant.

Communities are collaborative online environments which allow you to interact with people in real-time. This enables you to really understand how people may react, what they think, do and feel and offers participants an engaging experience, meaning that brand stimulus can be quickly evaluated and optimised without the fear of an #epicfail if the communication or idea doesn’t have the desired effect.

A personalised design with bespoke activities to address your research needs, online communities allow brands to learn how to adapt innovation and communications to fit with a culture, explore new ideas in a safe environment and tap into natural digital consumer behaviour.

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