Ipsos launches the second wave of the Global Advisor international survey in Ukraine

Global Advisor updates the research topic. Until June 8, we accept your questions in the omnibus part.

Ipsos in Ukraine continues to participate in the Global Advisor survey, which has been conducted in 29 countries since 2017.

In the summer 143 wave (June-July 2020) the following social topics will be explored:

•    the cost of living and the nature of human consumer behavior in the context of coronavirus;
•    attitude to abortion;
•    refugee problems;
•    sources of information that are most trusted in the world and the perception of misinformation in the news

In this wave, we will study the dynamics of Consumer Confidence Index in Ukraine in comparison with other countries

You can add YOUR QUESTIONS to the omnibus section. The subject depends on the SPHERE OF YOUR INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES.

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