5 steps for developing an influencer marketing strategy with Lizzo

It’s the season of the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Academy Awards, and more. With actors and musicians filling up the newsfeeds of billions worldwide, the awards season is a ripe opportunity for companies to invest in a strong influencer marketing strategy. Although influencer marketing campaigns have been shifting toward micro-influencers, the reach and impact of major celebrities cannot be ignored. Furthermore, many luxury brands continue to work exclusively with global figures. Today, we’re using social listening and audience analysis to look at the influencer marketing potential of two major female artists: Ariana Grande and Lizzo.

Develop an influencer marketing strategy that begins with social listening | Ipsos | SynthesioThe reach, influence, and reputability of established celebrities are a valuable resource that brands, especially global ones, shouldn’t overlook. As the world’s biggest stars take the center stage during award show season, companies need to invest in a strong influencer marketing strategy.

Although influencer marketing has been on the rise for several years, many companies struggle with proper research and implementation of strategy. For one, while it’s a cost-effective way of boosting brand visibility, results are hard to predict and even harder to duplicate. Secondly, many brands find it difficult to identify the stars that would resonate with their target audience.

This is where data comes in. Synthesio takes a look at music star Lizzo, who recently won three Grammys, to explain how brands can uncover an influencer’s existing reputation, his or her personal mission, and the existing fan base.

Among other insights, we found that…

  • Lizzo’s personal message is one of body positivity and hard work
  • 75% of her fan base is female
  • Social media users in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Baltimore have the highest affinity for the star.

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