Last Impressions also count

We often hear that first impressions count. In a first interaction, studies in social psychology suggest, on average, we judge people in as little as seven seconds. Seven short seconds in which we choose if we want to continue a relationship with another person.

We judge people in as little as seven seconds

If that seems a short amount of time, spare a thought   for marketers and creative agencies producing video campaigns to promote their brands and products. With US consumers now spending half their media day consuming digital content and platforms giving them the power to skip or scroll past their advertising, they have as little as three second to make a good first impression and earn the opportunity for their content to be viewed to completion and deliver the intended message.

With such a short time to earn the opportunity for a video ad to tell its intended brand story, it’s understandable that marketers are using tactics to grab initial attention, such as the use of striking visual images and including brand images and assets early. While there is value in this practice, is this focus on the first few seconds alone enough for a video ad to achieve easily retrievable branded memories to have the end opportunity to influence people at the moment of brand choice?

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