Spotlight*Kuwait: Views on Reopening Travel

How attitudes towards travel have evolved since the spread of the Coronavirus.

Like most countries around the world, Kuwait closed its airports in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic to limit the spread of the virus. But with life slowly going back to normal, countries have started to reopen their borders given the importance of the travel industry and its contribution.

In light of this transition, only half of residents in Kuwait agree with the decision to reopen the borders and a shy 36% are comfortable with travelling internationally. Factors such as vaccination (32%) and a guaranteed ability to return hope despite the possibility of border closures (31%) would encourage people to consider traveling internationally, but 1 in 4 people say nothing will encourage them to travel at the moment, regardless of any encouragements.

The travel journey touchpoints people are most concerned about are planes, activities they will be doing in the country of destination, in addition to the transportation there, with the majority believing that airports, airlines and hotels are taking serious safety measures during the pandemic.