Views on Education During the Pandemic in Kuwait

Views on Education during the pandemic tackles insights on education in this time of change and shift to online learning.

Among a sample of 1000 surveyed people were 50% nationals, 30% Arab expats, and 20% Asian expats, who expressed their views on education during this time of change. 

The majority (65%) stated that they prefer remote learning over face to face, although 67% believe that having the children at home has been impacting the household negatively. When asked about school fees, 8 in 10 felt that they should be reduced. 

Delving deeper into the readiness of schools, half of those surveyed only see that schools are prepared for this kind of remote learning. Around 60% perceive that both public and private schools either did a good or excellent job with e-learning. 

When compared to face-to-face learning, around half said that the quality of online teaching is worse, while 34% believe that it is similar and 13% see it as better.

Looking to the future, the vast majority (71%) stated that online education would never replace physical school attendance, although 42% believe that most education will be online in the future.

This study is part of Spotlight*Kuwait series, which pertain to insights and data about hot topics in the country and the region.