[WEBINAR] KEYS: The year ahead

KEYS - The Year Ahead | Ipsos

What Now? What Next?

This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping our clients better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

The focus is on sharing new perspectives, based on our latest research and analysis.

In some ways, the start of 2022 feels similar to 12 months ago as governments, businesses and individuals deal with the uncertainties of a new coronavirus variant.

At the same time, other aspects of the narrative are changing. We are now talking about supply chain problems and the ripple-effects of inflation. And there’s a rich discussion to be had about what the pandemic period has concealed, revealed and accelerated.

Please join us as we discuss how we can best prepare for what lies ahead.

  • The End of the Beginning? Whatever happens next in this multidimensional crisis, this is a good moment to take stock. We’ve been examining what “Covid Times” has taught us (so far) about the changing dynamics of public opinion and behaviour.
  • From Adjusting to Living: As we enter the third year of the pandemic, consumers, businesses and nations need to move to living with this elusive ‘new normal’. It will be increasingly essential to unhook from prevailing wisdom and develop new ways of doing things. We’ll explore how the new business environment will require shorter-term, scenario-based planning that can boost organisations’ agility and responsiveness in an increasingly unpredictable world.
  • Re-defining Affluence: We’ve been reviewing what it means to be affluent in different countries and contexts. How do their purchasing behaviours differ from the population at large? And to what extent are they setting the trends today that the rest of us will follow tomorrow?
  • Russia: In the Flow of Change: New Ipsos analysis sees us exploring Russia’s character and culture from different angles. We’ll take a tour of the country’s codes and values and uncover its people’s passions and frustrations.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

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