[Thought Leadership Paper] - Rejuvenating Southeast Asian Economies through consumer spending

Ipsos Strategy3 Malaysia released a Thought Leadership paper - "Rejuvenating Southeast Asian Economies through consumer spending" touching on what consumers and policymakers will need to consider and how to get consumers to spend at pre-Covid levels

s3After months of paralyzing lockdowns, most Southeast Asian countries are now in the process of easing restrictions and reopening their economies. Policymakers, businesses and consumers alike are now looking forward to an economic recovery, and a gradual return to normalcy.

There are grounds for optimism - despite initial fears of an uncontrolled outbreak in many of Southeast Asia’s more populous nations, most countries have achieved relative success in keeping the Covid-19 epidemic under check. Based on recent data, Southeast Asia has recorded less than 2% of total cases and less than 1% of virus deaths, despite making up about 9% of the global population.

Download full Thought Leadership piece below

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