[Webinar] Creating Great Experiences

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The importance of customer experience (CX) as a driver of financial performance is widely acknowledged. Customers’ decisions about brands directly impact the bottom line. Customer retention, advocacy and share of spend are crucial customer outcomes that organisations need to drive to generate revenue growth.

At Ipsos, we introduce a human-centric framework that helps organisations drive stronger relationships through a better understanding of customers’ functional and relational needs, allowing organisations to take their CX strategy to the next level.

Join us in our upcoming Webinar where our Ipsos experts will discuss:

  1. Why CX and what it means to be human-centric, with examples from the very best companies
  2. How can businesses identify the key ingredients to great experiences - the forces of CX, tapping on behavioural science
  3. How the forces of CX can be leveraged at each stage of the customer journey, while understanding functional gaps
  4. The use of CX design to improve experiences throughout the customer journey



Stephane Sanchez
Regional Lead, Customer Experience & Channel Performance, Asia Pacific

Ajay Bangia
Director & Sub-Regional Service Line Lead, Ipsos UU, Southeast Asia

Customer Experience