Introducing Synthesio’s trend discovery engine: Topic Modeling

Topic Modeling will be available on the Synthesio platform on 20th July. Our AI-powered discovery engine automatically scans, categorizes, and visualizes hundreds of thousands of online conversations using the power of machine learning to help you uncover unknown or hidden phenomenons and make trend analysis much easier!

Social media and other online platforms have effectively put consumers in the driver’s seat. Not only do they take to the internet to share brand experiences and unsolicited product feedback, they’re also the ones dictating trends (and even developing product innovations... more on that in our upcoming webinar). For marketers and insights pros tasked with tracking consumers, this has increased the pressure to move even faster, anticipate behavior shifts, and spot trend signals as they emerge.

But, this is also where traditional social listening approaches fall short. Though they provide access to a wealth of consumer-generated data, many users complain about the level of effort required to actually find useful insights when they need them. It makes sense, too, given that social listening’s original purpose was tracking consumer responses to a specific campaign, brand, or crisis – not identifying net-new insights and ideas.

To meet our clients’ evolving needs, we’ve equipped them with a new tool: Topic Modeling.

Topic Modeling is an artificial intelligence (AI) - powered discovery engine, that automatically scans, categorizes, and visualizes hundreds of thousands of online conversations in only a few clicks using the power of machine learning. Co-built with Ipsos, it productizes over 5 years of research intelligence to turn data into actionable insights. By automatically identifying “clusters” of consumer conversations, Topic Modeling detects relevant themes, uncovers unknown or hidden phenomena, and makes trend analysis easier.

To see how Topic Modeling can help you spot unmet needs, trends, emerging crises, and more join us on July 28 for an exclusive webinar. You can also set up a demo with one of our sales engineers to see it in action.

Topic Modeling will be generally available on 20th July on the Synthesio platform.