Syndicated tracking survey in Bulgaria during COVID-19

How consumers respond to the current situation


Coronavirus presents a number of challenges to brands and policy makers. As consumers take protective actions against the virus, their health and financial concerns and behavioral adjustments will continue to have an enormous social and economic impact.


People are adaptive and contextual decision-makers. Consumer responses to coronavirus are an extreme example of this. When context and behavior shifts, we are taken out of our automatic rhythms and we pay mindful attention. There is little doubt we are now making decisions in a fluid, unstable time of distress – making us more likely to pay attention to the brands willing to engage with us in the right way.


Wise brand leaders who are willing to be actively present can emerge from this challenging period of behavior change with stronger brands and a more committed, trusting fan base – so when things eventually settle to the next new normal, brand growth can be sustained.


Syndicated survey during covid-19

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