Be bold, be creative, do research!

How early communication research enables marketers to make more creative, bolder advertising…faster.

Be bold, be creative, do research | IpsosAdvertisers need to make bolder creative choices to develop strong, brand-building ideas, this paper shows how early communication research is key to doing this.

In a digitally disrupted, fragmented world, strong ideas are essential for advertisers to grab attention and grow powerful brands. This requires making bolder creative choices, igniting a brave spark and unleashing a creative expression that is immediate, strong, and deep, to make ads unique and distinctive. These choices can effectively turn around a category and a brand’s business, but pose a risk as well as a benefit. Recent ads by Gillette and Nike are examples of this.

So, where can brands find the courage to be bold, to be decisive, and create breakthrough campaigns? The answer is Early Communication Research.

Looking at three examples of brands who have mastered this, Carling, Carrefour and Libresse, Be Bold, Be Creative, Do Research! explores how early creative investigation can nurture ideas into bold, breakthrough creative, accelerate development and drive better business results.

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