Understanding Society & Citizens

The Ipsos Issues Monitor

The Ipsos Issues Monitor is an ongoing quantitative survey of Australians about the issues facing the nation, Australian states and territories and Australians’ local areas.

The Ipsos Climate Change Report (2007-2023)

Every year, Ipsos surveys Australians to understand changes in our attitudes and sentiments relating to climate change and other environmental issues.

Ipsos Life In Australia

The Understanding liveability across Metropolitan and Regional Australia reports are drawn from the Ipsos Life in Australia project – the nation’s largest annual study of community values and liveability.

The Ipsos Financial Circumstances and Commitments report

Conducted annually since 2018, the Ipsos Financial Circumstances and Commitments report is a cross generational look at Australians’ standard of living, future financial circumstances and propensity to be late in meeting their various financial obligations.

Life in Sydney

Ipsos Public Affairs and the Committee for Sydney share results from their co-designed Life in Sydney annual survey presented at the Sydney Summit.

Understanding Australia

The inaugural edition of Understanding Australia 2019. Where to from here? based on its ongoing research of our population for the past 20 years.