MERRILD: Identifying the optimal packaging design

Discover how we helped Merrild ensure the optimal packaging design to optimise shopper attention and drive sales.

CASE | Packaging Design | Package Testing | Merrild | Ipsos Denmark


Case | Packaging Design | Packaging Test | Merrild | Ipsos

Merrild is a strong Danish coffee brand, which is particularly known for its good, traditional filter coffee. But how can the brand attract younger consumers and find a position among the coffee segment that is driving today’s growth in the category?

Ipsos has carried out an analysis of new packaging designs for whole beans. The test identified the strongest packaging design. It also provided important knowledge on how different elements of the design perform against competitors and what best brings Merrild’s brand into play in the growing whole bean segment. The clear and positive results have led to a rapid product launch.

Discover how to test and optimise your new packaging

I am very impressed with the methodological depth. The fact that we also get the packaging tested against its competitors only adds further strength when we have to use the results and finalise the design.

- Research Manager, Merrild (Lavazza)



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