How the Asian mother is changing

This paper uncovers the emerging behaviours and core motivations of Asian mothers in 2019 and how they are coping with the complexities of parenting.

In 2019, the days of the Tiger Mother are gone, with the Asian mother evolving into a new type of parent. Looking at 11 key markets across Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan and China – this white paper found the Asian mother is moving from being child-focused to self-focused.

She is no longer the steadfast potter who must mould her child’s character and future like soft clay but is now stepping out into the limelight and asserting her identity. The Asian mother is now starting to follow her own interests, letting go of mummy guilt and finding fun through the simplification of her mothering role.

This new mother is even willing to part with traditions, becoming more independent in her views and beginning to experiment with new ways of parenting.

This white paper focusses on four motivations that are seeing the most significant shifts today and are emerging as:

  • The super prepared Asian mother
  • The Asian mother finds her inner child
  • The Asian mother expresses her identity
  • The Asian mother is paddling furiously

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