Taking action on sustainability

Sustainability is not only a relevant topic today, it is the long-term viability of a business.

The sustainability imperative | IpsosIn the midst of a global pandemic, economic recession, and social unrest, is sustainability still a priority? Our response is a definitive yes.

Consumer expectations and demands for more sustainable practices are higher than they have ever been, and they have withstood the pressures of the pandemic. It is no longer a question of when companies should pursue a sustainability agenda, but how they should go about it.

This rise in public concern and expectations is not the only mounting pressure on industry to make sustainable changes: there is increasing global recognition that business as usual is no longer viable.

Sustainability is the long-term viability of a business. It is more than corporate social responsibility and reputation, and it also goes beyond environmental sustainability. A sustainable business integrates long-term stakeholder value into all dimensions of its activities, including its supply chain, employee relations, community relations, environmental impact and governance practices.

Our new white paper, The Sustainability Imperative, presents public opinion data, the view of global institutions, and case studies from businesses to outline how Ipsos helps businesses to define, manage and communicate their sustainability strategy.

Organisations today have a right and role to provide leadership in sustainability and help consumers to act on their desire to make more sustainable choices. Ipsos’ expertise in this area can provide guidance in what can be a complex and nebulous topic for businesses and consumers alike.

Ipsos advises businesses on how they should address sustainability and help them define, manage and communicate their sustainability priorities across Corporate Reputation, Innovation, Communication, Public Affairs and Social Intelligence. Find out more here