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Three focus areas for driving growth.

Three focus areas for driving growth | IpsosIn an increasingly omnichannel world in which recent events have accelerated digitalisation and adoption of new distribution channels, brands need to ensure their channel strategies are being implemented consistently and maximised across markets.

Featuring several sector-based case studies, this paper sets out to support those charged with measuring and managing the performance of the channels in their organisation – physical, contact centre, and digital – to understand the fundamental questions that need to be answered, and where to act.

We identify three focus areas to consider when measuring and managing channel performance:

  1. The SIZE of the prize: Whether growing an existing product or service in a new area, or launching something completely new, understanding which channels offer the greatest growth potential, and how competitors stack up, is essential. Channel sizing enables your organisation to set clear targets and establish indicators of success along the way.
  2. The MEASURE of brand delivery: If a brand’s messaging is not consistently carried through to the experience and delivery of a brand’s offer, the so-called ‘promise delivery gap’ results in unhappy customers, low CX KPIs, increased complaints and churn, and a downturn in sales. For organisations whose product is stocked and sold by a third-party retailer, frontline execution becomes more about consistent presentation of your product on the shelf. Having a great plan is one thing, but ensuring that plan is executed appropriately, and with consistency, is what really matters. As well as acting in alignment with brand guidelines, there’s a need to comply with regulatory demands. The right measurement tools, including mystery shopping and execution measurement, deliver objective, unbiased feedback, helping you address issues before they translate into poor business results.
  3. The activities/interactions that DRIVE sales: Each customer entering the shopping space is an opportunity to grow business, so long as the right offer is in front of them, at the right moment, and in a way that will keep them coming back. Modern customer counting goes beyond simply counting footfall; it can be used to identify traffic flow through the store and measure where and how customers are engaging with products and employees, helping to support decisions on staffing levels, training, and even store layout and merchandising.

By looking at these three key areas and employing the likes of channel sizing, mystery shopping, execution measurement, customer counting, as well as VoC programmes, your organisation can focus efforts to improve; maximising the channels you are operating in, delivering on product, service, and regulatory demands – ultimately improving the experiences of your customers and your business results.

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