Ease of Living Index 2018

'Ease of Living' as a term though widely used in urban policy and programming, has no standard definition. For some, it is fundamentally tied to physical amenities such as water supply, solid waste management, parks and green space etc; for others it relates to cultural offerings, career opportunities, economic dynamism or safety.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) launched a set of ‘Ease of Living' standards that combines these various facets of urban living. In its current format, it seeks to serve as a common minimum framework for cities to evaluate themselves and will evolve in future rounds to better represent the needs and aspirations of the people.

The Ease of Living Index developed by the Ministry seeks to:

  • Drive an evidence-based approach for future interventions and investments to deliver Ease of Living outcomes
  • Catalyse actions to improve the quality of life in Indian cities
  • Track broader development outcomes including the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Serve as a basis for dialogue with citizens and urban decision-makers on key strengths and areas demanding improvement

Access the full study here