[WEBINAR] KEYS - Environment Emergency?

KEYS - environment emergency | Ipsos

This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping our clients better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

The focus is on sharing new perspectives, based on our recent research and analysis.

Our next session takes place ahead of this year’s UN Climate Change summit, which will see world leaders come together to accelerate action towards the goals set out in the Paris Accords.

People around the world are clear that now is the time for concrete steps to be taken, both to tackle climate change and to protect our natural environment more generally.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus crisis continues. Will the pandemic act as a brake on making real progress, or can it pave the way for more substantial change?

On the agenda:

  • The Climate of Opinion: Our new Ipsos Global Trends survey provides the opportunity to explore the dynamics of our underlying values. We put the spotlight on people’s evolving instincts when it comes to the environment.
  • The Sustainability Imperative: How should businesses respond to the growing demand from citizens and consumers for more sustainable products and services? We explore the changing contours of the “E-S-G” agenda.
  • Green Routines: Setting ambitions to create a more sustainable future presents questions around what we buy, how it’s packaged and what happens when we throw things away. We discuss the latest research findings, including the new Tetra Pak Index, as we consider the implications for different markets around the world.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

All KEYS Webinar recordings and presentations are available here.