Trending Topics on Social Media Around the Curfew in Kuwait

Application of social intelligence and analytics based on an analysis of 1,500 mentions on social media in Kuwait between 21st of March to the 25th of March. Powered by Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform Synthesio. Questions asked by social media users around coronavirus were extracted and analyzed. Percentage below represents the percentage of questions asked by topic. Deep diving into the social conversation taking place around the curfew.


With the recent curfew being implemented individuals have gone online to encourage others to stay at home all day, highlighting the necessity of staying at home, and avoid gatherings to stop spreading the virus. Users posted their comments using the hashtag #خلك_بالبيت which went viral in Kuwait.



This week social media users in Kuwait have expressed their support and gratitude for the government and the efforts exerted by those on the frontline.

Supporting the Government and Curfew: Residents of Kuwait are sharing their support for the government decision, specially the partial curfew and the extensive guidelines taken by government. They have also compared these measures to that taken in western countries.

Gratitude Towards the Frontline Staff: Users have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to those working on the frontline. Where they have shared posts appreciating their remarkable efforts and risking everything for the benefit of their country.



Reassuring the Society: Social media users reassured the society on the strategic food stocks, and government efforts to support residents in the time of need, whether medical care, food supplies, or else.

Sympathy and Solidarity: Users encouraged people to unite to fight the virus through following the correct protocols, and also expressed their solidarity with countries in distress, and spreading positiveness regarding the controlled situation in Kuwait



Social Media users asked about the preventative measures specially:

  • Social Distancing: wondering and encouraging others to implement the social distancing and keeping a safe distance to avoid infection.
  • Ministry of Health Protocols: People have asked questions about how the ministry is isolating positive cases and those in quarantine. Also, they raised questions about the measures taken once a patient is diagnosed and / or once they are treated, and whether they can live normally with their families or should be medically checked again.



Earlier: many social media users raised concerns about their salaries and their ability to fulfil their financial commitments in such tough times.

Later: after postponing financial instalments for 6 months, social media users expressed their gratitude and appreciating towards such decision, firstly to HH the Amir of Kuwait for providing guidance to reduce financial burden on citizens, to the cabinet of ministries and banks

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