Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Customers across all categories now look for a personalised experienced that is available when they want it, how they want it, where they want it. Regardless of whether the desired experience is delivered, it is now possible through the explosion of mobile coupled with the prominence of social media for consumers to give instant feedback. The consequence is the increasingly significant impact that customer experience has on the overall relationship with a brand.

What for?

Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) technology solutions are enabling the ability to capture this customer feedback, combining it with transactional and operational data, making feedback accessible enterprise-wide to support action from the frontline to the executive team with real-time, role specific dashboards, interpreting unstructured data using text analytics, and recovering customer relationships by triggering alerts and supporting improvement across the business.

How it works?

EFM within Ipsos Loyalty is not about re-selling or implementing software. We are trusted advisors to with a portfolio of solutions that allow us to fit software around our clients’ needs rather than force solutions upon our clients.

Why is our solution unique?

We deal with all our clients data in a highly secured and regulated environment (Security). Data collected is typically from very short and concise questionnaires and reports are delivered are role-specific making sure we get the right information to the right people in our client’s organisations (Simple). 

With data collection and reporting in real-time (Speed) we are able to provide data to our clients so that they may take action at both tactical and strategic levels ultimately driving business success (Substance).