Bringing Life to life: Ipsos UU

Content curation

At Ipsos, we help you with Content curation thanks to Insight Cloud, a process that gathers information relevant to a particular topic. Insight Cloud is an ‘always on’ socialised intelligence platform that nurtures insights from multiple sources and reinvents how these insights are connected, socialised and activated.

Client context

How to build a learning culture and connect experts to think better together?
How to understand what has been learned in other parts of the company and avoid repeat projects?
How to save time and resources with quick access to the most important intelligence?


We use a platform, Insight Cloud, that is customized to your needs.

All knowledge, trends and observation are gathered in the platform in a simple way, to create a living ecosystem of insights.

Ipsos acts as a curator to transform your qual, quant, social and secondary research into story-driven, multi-media insights. Cross-project insights are connected and contextualised, then crowdsourced with key stakeholders. Mounting intelligence is synthesized and then activated through workshops and experiences.


Case studies