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Conversations with AI Part II

AI provides tangible possibilities to transcribe audio and video files, generate images and videos, and even write code. In this paper, we evaluate the utility and risks associated with AI outputs.
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Global Views on Education

People across 29 countries are more likely to describe the education system in their country as poor than good; however, attitudes vary considerably between countries.
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What Worries the World?

Across 29 countries, worry about crime and violence has now reached its highest level since before the pandemic. It now ranks second behind inflation, the top global concern.
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Unlocking the Value of Reputation

Drawing on data from our latest 24-country Global Reputation Monitor, this paper explores the relationship between a good reputation and better business efficiency.
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Emotions Around the World 

The latest in our growing collection of Ipsos Views podcasts tackles the question of how to measure human emotions across different cultures. We all experience the world and express ourselves in different ways, and this can be a challenge for researchers seeking to draw meaningful comparisons in international studies, or in places foreign to them.
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Global Health Service Monitor

Mental health is now the number one health concern in countries around the world, ahead of cancer and coronavirus. While one in two globally say their healthcare system is good, ratings vary greatly by country.
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