Get Real, Get Creative!

Real understanding to climb the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Get real, get creative!For decades, communication agencies, brands and industry festivals have championed creativity as a way for communication to be more effective in brand building. For this they have used a very specific symbol: the ladder.

In Get Real, Get Creative, we have found that while there are many different paths to creativity and effectiveness, there is one particular muscle we have learned time and time again makes a difference as one essential source of creative inspiration: getting “Real”.

We have uncovered four different dimensions of Real that matter if you want to climb the creativity and effectiveness ladders and develop award winning, magical, and extraordinary advertising.


Four dimensions of Real:

  • THE POWER OF REAL CONTEXT: Understanding the broader context that people live in – social, tribal, economic trend that affect and excite them.
  • THE POWER OF REAL INSIGHT: Exploring people’s current category and brand experiences, their aspirations, the tension they currently live through.
  • THE POWER OF REAL PURPOSE: Uncovering what the brand genuinely offers, what it does, the role it can play in people’s lives.
  • THE POWER OF REAL DISTINCTIVENESS: Revealing a real point of difference about the brand, which can be the springboard to telling a unique, more creative story.