Cracking the code for voice commerce

Barriers and solutions to accelerate V-Comm adoption.

Cracking the code for voice commerce | IpsosVoice assistants are already a part of our lives on our smartphones, watches, headphones, speakers, refrigerators, and home hubs. Everywhere we go they are there with us, ready to assist. However, most of us lack the confidence to use them to help us shop.

Buying products or services using our voice or Voice Commerce (V-Comm) remains widely untapped, with voice assistants used mostly for low risk tasks like playing music, looking up information or checking the weather. But, as comfort with these simple tasks increases, so do user expectations with voice assistants.

More than half of consumers (57%) in the US think that a voice assistant could make a purchase on their behalf by 2021 and more importantly, and perhaps more as we think about it’s potential, people expect this to be a way of life by 2024 with 92% expecting voice assistants to help with shopping.

This represents a key moment in the consumer adoption journey – consumers are open to V-Comm but need an offer that inspires more confidence than they have today. With the window of opportunity open, it falls upon technology companies and brand partners to push forth with the right offers before consumers lose interest. Now is the time to build confidence with this powerful tool that could revolutionize the way we shop.

In this paper, we explore the barriers to adoption for V-Comm and demonstrate how consumer-centric solutions can help overcome these challenges, allowing companies to activate its full potential.

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