No travel? No problem!

Grounded by budget or global circumstances? Keep your learning plan on track with these approaches that deliver qualitative insight from afar.

Given recent developments and concern over coronavirus, you may be delaying travel or changing research plans. That’s okay – we have a number of robust digital and online qualitative capabilities to assist your insight needs.

At Ipsos UU, our spectrum of alternative solutions for research includes a suite of digital tools ranging from webcam enabled platforms to applications that enable ethnographic learnings, as well as a variety of digital co-creation tools. These are great alternatives to answering a wide array of business and research questions when face-to-face is not possible.

ipsos qualitative digital solutions 2020

Ipsos UU also has the widest reach and number of supplier partnerships to help us gauge the current environment. Our extensive supplier network enables us to move with agility and help you find the right alternative when face-to-face research feels problematic.

Our global reach and network allow us to deliver face-to-face, and know that we are taking precautions to minimize risk. While it is prudent in many instances to move to alternative forms of research for a variety of reasons in this current environment, it is important to note that we are still able to conduct live, face to face research in all of the markets where we have a presence. We are experts in consulting with you on the best solution to meet your specific research needs.

To learn more about our digital solutions, download the flyer available or reach out to us using the contact form below.

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