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How to predict mobility usage and vehicle sales.

Mobility analytics help clients to better manage risks by analysing price perceptions, elasticities, sales, share and volume forecasting, as well as user potential of Future Mobility offers.

Most commonly, this will be a module in a pre-launch pricing or marketing clinic where an advanced analysis is included to understand preference, shares and volume potential of the new vehicle. It can also be a stand-alone survey to investigate how consumers perceive pricing of different features and/or packages.

Advanced analytical tools such as conjoint methodology, configurator and a range of optimisation techniques are utilised along with the latest marketplace simulation techniques for more realistic predictions to optimise price and sales.

The Marketing Science teams at Ipsos are experts in calibration and validation techniques. With a profound understanding of simulation market research and other systematic research biases, their predicted results are much closer to what will be seen in the market than those claimed by consumers.