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Retail Performance

Analytics and Reports

Understand the retail environment and make informed business decisions to drive store performance.

Use retail analytics to deliver a complete shopper experience and strengthen your store’s performance

Data and insights are at the heart of online retail, with brands using them to target new and existing customers with products and offers.

Bricks-and-mortar retailers can also use predictive analytics to anticipate customers’ needs and gain insight into retail performance.

Ipsos uses immediate feedback based on metrics such as click-through, as well as in-store analytics including browsing behaviour and transactions.

Store performance, behavioural metrics and video analytics, combined with independent analytics of external trends and results, provides the custom insights you need to define and add credibility to your plans.

Our insights can help you to:

  • strengthen internal decisions with a selection of compelling external retail trend analysis;
  • grow store performance by validating conversion rate performance against competitors;
  • identify best practice stores and benchmark footfall differences across regions, sectors and stores;
  • make fast and informed decisions with rounded overviews of the retail and economic environment.