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Retail Performance

Behaviour Insights

Understanding the route to customer engagement.

Insightful behavioural observations, tracked as part of the customer journey mapping process, are key to growing sales and encouraging loyalty.

Shoppers exhibit certain behaviours as they walk through the store. They may call in to quickly pick up a few items or spend longer browsing before making a decision. Successful brands understand consumers, so they present stores in a way that triggers positive action such as consumer engagement. Delivering better in-store customer experiences, by helping customers find exactly what they need, is essential for any retailer who wants to improve their bottom line.

Developing the right strategy to motivate shoppers at different touchpoints will maximise customer dwell time and drive up sales.

Our footfall analytics are key to:

  • increasing repeat visits by monitoring activity that encourages return visits;
  • growing your customer base and identifying when new shoppers enter your store;
  • increasing Average Transaction Value (ATV) by shaping navigational routes to complementary product zones;
  • reducing product abandonment and managing traffic flow to avoid bottlenecks and obstructions;
  • establishing return on investment (ROI) from window displays by monitoring how perimeter engagement leads to product purchase;
  • building detailed customer profiles and tracking complete shopper trips.

Ipsos’ Behaviour Insights can help you to transform sales and get closer to your customers decision process using real-life cognitive responses.

Our insights will help you to make influential business decisions based on real-life behaviours and responses to the way your store operates. These improvements in customer experience management are guaranteed to positively differentiate your store from competitors and increase both footfall and patronage.

The business benefits from undertaking observational research can be extremely powerful and revolutionary. Aligning your store to customer behaviour will foster closer relationships and encourage in-store spend.