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Traffic measurement to assist retail and transport optimisation.

Advanced solutions counting people or vehicles, nation-wide or in a specific location, in any area: in the street, in-store, on transport and in real time.

We work with authorities, transport and retail companies who are looking to assess and understand where to or how to achieve traffic optimisation, and to optimise store and service performance.

AUTHORITIES. We run traffic censuses of vehicles. We provide accurate traffic counters to show volume and flow data which help our clients’ infrastructure investment decisions and environmental policies. Our traffic count data is also used to optimise road networks and to update country, region or town maps.

TRANSPORT COMPANIES. We typically count passengers entering or leaving transit vehicles (bus, metro, train), record passengers standing or sitting, count potential fraudsters and record service presence. We can enrich our measurements by gathering reactions regarding transport conditions, origin of departure and destination, ticket types and pricing, and by recording testimonials. We help in estimating the number of transportation units needed, improving customer satisfaction and reducing payment avoidance.

RETAILERS. We count people or vehicle traffic near stores and footfall into/around stores. We help our clients understand and monitor performance of their retail outlets. We frequently evaluate conversion rates (people entering a store and buying) and build heatmaps by counting people and time spent in different zones. We can also collect traffic data at key intersections to understand where to place new stores and improve car parking in order to maximise return on investment.

Innovative and passive measurement tools offering a convenient and faster way of recording people and traffic

  • Interviewers assist with tailored mobile app to count measurements
  • Automated solutions: Electronic footfall technologies: specialist video cameras, sensors, scanners, wi-fi access points registering shoppers with mobile phones
  • Road cameras installed by authorities.
  • Extensive digital capabilities: GPS, voice recording

Broad and accurate data

  • Every single person and any activity can be tracked
  • Can be combined with short surveys, testimonials, film scenes, pictures with ability to show videos, any stimuli
  • Real time and smart data delivery. Direct data access via a web portal
  • Data fusion: possibility to incorporate client data within reporting dashboard
  • Reports delivered in a format facilitating fast interpretation

Global footprint and high-quality standards

  • 140+ countries, relying on the Ipsos interviewer network fully qualified and trained on the approach
  • Consistent approach across countries, regions and cities