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Customer Experience

Customer Experience Analytics

Enabling organisations to ensure their Customer Experience (CX) delivers on their Brand Promise.

Are you confident you are delivering ROCXI – a Return on your Customer Experience Investment?

Having a true understanding of your customers’ –and those of your competitors – behaviours, needs, expectations and perceptions is a great starting point, but it’s not enough. Scores and KPIs are not enough.

We enable organisations to activate what needs to be done to ensure their Customer Experience delivers on their Brand Promise; what needs to be done to retain customers and recover those at risk, grow share of spend, increase advocacy and drive up operational efficiency; to deliver ROCXI – a Return on Customer Experience Investment.

To ensure that Customer Experience measurement programmes are driving action and delivering results, we employ our advanced predictive analytics, linkage, key driver analysisand modelling expertise across Customer and Employee Experience, operational, financial and customer data sets; both structured or unstructured data, including text, video, image and voice. We analyse unstructured data using sophisticated text analytics to create highly accurate and actionable output.

Our CX experts will help you to answer key questions such as:

  • Is your CX measurement ecosystem giving your organisation a true view of where you are? Importantly, is giving you a clear steer of where your focus needs to be – tactically and strategically?
  • Are your staff enabled to ‘close the loop’; to contact a customer following a critical incident and take the appropriate action?
  • Are your KPIs truly driving the right behaviours and positive business change?
  • What really drives CX? What has the highest impact on satisfaction and dis-satisfaction?
  • Have you prioritised actions based on ROI?
  • What about specific customer groups, including high-value, at-risk customers – are you doing the right thing by them?
  • What impact will your CX investments have?