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Customer Insights

Increase sales revenue with behavioural knowledge of your customers.

Discovering what your customers actually do in store opens up a world of opportunity to tailor in-store operations for a more memorable in-store experience.

Consumer behavioural analysis provides you with the tools to understand the areas within your store that need improving. Our insights can help you to develop product offerings, price points and hot spot locations that generate interest and involvement. We can also advise you on how to maximise sales opportunities for better customer segmentation and customer retention, from perimeter engagement to in-store journey. The below are some examples of our customer insight services.

Why choose retail WiFi solutions?

When mapping the customer journey, it is common to see gaps. How do we know, for instance, whether someone has browsed products in a store before making a purchase online (or vice-versa)?

Knowing a shopper’s route to purchase, and building analytics before they walk through the door, means you can build detailed customer profiles and target segments more successfully. Your store strategy is shaped around powerful analytics that complete the journey and highlight opportunities for conversion.

Customer Dwell Time

Every retailer wants to know how long customers are spending in their store – but what’s the best way to go about understanding this part of customer relationship management?

It is well-known that the longer the dwell time, the more likely customers are to engage with the brand and make a purchase. Understanding prime locations, or zones, enables retailers to push key products more effectively and ensure they are not overlooked.

When you monitor dwell time alongside footfall, you can see the precise location of customers in a store, along with the duration. This insight into the customer journey map provides the information you need to make informed decisions on merchandising, promotions, staff deployment and store layout.

With actionable insights, you can:

  • improve sales performance by exposing causes of missed sales opportunities;
  • increase conversion through improved merchandise positioning;
  • understand customer demographics to target marketing campaigns and POS displays;
  • benchmark brand performance against competitors’;
  • enhance customer service by monitoring in-store interactions;
  • transform the shopping experience and understand the entire journey, not just the final buying decision;
  • reduce congestion and bottlenecks with navigational and heat map analysis.